29 March 2006

"A brand new life around the bend..."

A few years ago, my brother Chris and I developed an unnatural obsession with Who’s the Boss. It could have been because we were both stuck in Dragnolia for the summer, with nothing to do late at night except nostalgically absorb the 1980's colours and textures of Angela's fashions and makeup and the obvious sexual tension between Judith Light and Tony Danza that TBS broadcast in back-to-back episodes. In any case, our obsession with the show led Chris to the eerie world of “fan art.” To the left is one of our favourite specimens--a real gem depicting Tony and Angela--that we found on a Who’s the Boss “resource” site.

You can find more WTB fan art here.

We never got round to printing out copies to iron on to t-shirts.
If you do, send me one.


Anonymous said...

I am the boss.

chris said...

Late night TV is pretty lame now. The only good source for WTB, Charles in Charge, etc. is on the satellite on that TVLand channel. All you can really find that I've seen is Fresh Prince, but it seems kind of dime a dozen after being bombarded with it four times a day during the afternoon.

A better choice is meerkat manner for late night tv (also on the satellite). Actually, that fan art of WTB kind of reminds me of meerkats...