11 August 2006

Best New Orleans Recovery Plan I've Heard

"We have a silent majority here that really believes in violence and believes that America's against them. You remember the ramifications from New Orleans, that a lot of dissatisfied people here could ultimately join up with the Muslims or sympathize with them. It's a scary thing here as well as in the UK."

--Charles Payne on one of Fox "News"'s "business" programmes yesterday

Sympathy for the plight of Muslims, another opressed group of people in post 9-11 America?

An awareness of the government's apathy towards New Orleans and the popular hatred of and prejudice against its evacuees?

I'd say it's most definitely time for an organised revolution of dissatisfied residents and exiles of my favourite city, and I'll be the first to join up. I hope it leaves you quaking in your Prada boots Mr Payne.

1 comment:

chris said...

Yeah! I saw that quote on the daily show actually. It's so ridiculous! People might join up with the Muslims or, GOD FORBID, sympathize with them. How in the HELL does this asshole still have a job?

So, revolution it is... just don't forget the idiocy and the ignorance of the masses. One reason, I think there's never really a successful revolution.

Eh. we'll argue about this later.