29 September 2006

Magic Music Days

Today as I walked past the our neighbourhood chemist where the young homeless drug addicts queue up in the mornings to get their methadone, I noticed one of them was wearing a very garish and familiar t-shirt. The shirt was bright purple and flourescent pink and yellow and green and stated "Disney Magic Music Days!". I once owned a couple of these t-shirts because I endured the magic music days of Disney World at least a couple of times in junior high and high school, after our school band, like many others througout America, spent humilating weekends washing cars and selling candy door to door to raise money to pay Disney to bus us the many many hours to Florida to march in some parade around the amusement park. My guess is that Euro Disney has started a similar programme for kids in Europe, and just look where the UK ones end up: outside the chemist waiting to layer what's left of last night's heroin with NHS meth.


El Reclusa said...

Shaking at the chemist, I'm sure.

Speaking of school music, are you still playing anything these days?

Chris said...

really? I had one of those shirts because I went with you and mom on one of those trips. There was some memorable quote from a bus ride... what was it??!
So you think it was a Euro Disney Magic Music Days? Or was it THE magic music days t-shirt from the days of yore?

CBC said...

Coke and crystal meth.

Wait, what was the question?

CBC said...

I don't know about quotes, but that classic photo of LOD that's housed in that plastic tree-shaped ornament (along with other randomly selected photos including a young Elizabeth, Charlie the cat looking angry, and the back of mom's then-big-hair) still adorns the Christmas tree each and every year and is a product of that trip.

I don't know where the homeless meth-prescriber's t-shirt actually comes from, but my guess is the charity shop across from the chemist.