08 December 2006

Excerpts From Recent Text Messages

Those doorknobs are £62. Each.

Making my mark.

Well, Angus, you want Zoe, you gots to talk to me!

Landslide at Hay Heath, might not be going anywhere.

It's not like they're Jean Painleve.

Don't vomit on me!

We are Ready to Rock with Debbie.

Liverpool is weird.

The woman's father ran the paper mill in Crossett!

Butcher has good lookin mince.


It's a dark day isn't it.

Go Carrie!

Oh wait, you can't get this text.

Is Strada too fancy?


chris said...

hehe, those are great! Here are mine!

hey chris since i must prepare the competitioor, i can not come to the afternoon class i am sorry.

hey i am coming?

Are you free tomorrow?My friend play gitar

What are you doing at this late hour? At a bar?

I am waiting for you in your schoolgate!


J said...

Even though I didn't text it, may I just say "GO CARRIE!!!" here myself? You RULE, you RAD, RAD lady!